Bill's Two Way Radio Cab
Moscow, Idaho

Maker: Willens & Co. Chicago IL  (Matchcover Collector: Taxi & Cabs)

Bill's selling point is friendly, courteous, careful drivers while rival Neely's (right) offers limousine and airport service. Bill's was in operation from at least 1938 (Latah Eagle 2001-02-08 p. 13).

Neely's Taxi
Moscow, Idaho

Maker: Meeker Co. Ltd Joplin MO.  (Ebay: Carl's Match Covers)

In 1933 Neely's was the Moscow Taxi Company, operated by Frank Neely and and two of his sons (Normington v. Neely 1937-07-21). Empire Airlines (Boise) operated from 1946 to 1952.

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