Design Credits

Detail from the Euphoric photo header

Taxi-Library got a makeover in July 2006, along with its sister site Taxis-SF. The new look is thanks to open source design templates using cascading style sheets (CSS). There are hundreds of ready-to-use designs freely available at Open Source Templates and Open Source Web Design.

I've borrowed from a number of designers to create my own style sheet. The two biggest parts come from designs with the fanciful names "Euphoric" by Tri-Star Web Design and "Prozac Afternoon" by Rayk Design. The adjoining grahics are details from the header images that come with these two templates. Additional CSS elements are copied or adapted from templates with the names City Slicker, MultiFlex and Industry.

Some of the photos on Taxi-Library are from Many of the others were taken by myself using a point-and-shoot digital camera.

Detail from the Prozac Afternoon photo header

The programs that have been most useful to me in creating this site are:

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