All photos on this page by Charles Rathbone

Minivan equipped with a partition

Bullet-resistant partitions are effective crime deterrents but can cause the interior of the cab to be cramped. This minivan taxicab, operated by Luxor Cab in San Francisco, has a large amount of room in the passenger compartment. That is because the standard middle row of minivan seating has been removed. As configured, the cab accommodates three passengers with seatbelts in the rear compartment, and an optional fourth passenger in the front seat. The vehicle is equipped with a digital security camera and a GPS-linked panic button.

exterior view
Dodge Caravan outfitted as a taxicab.

sliding doors
The usual center-row seats have been removed in order to
provide ample room for passengers well behind the partition.

view from rear seat
Looking forward from the rear passenger seats.
The upholstered steel-and-polycarbonate divider is from Taxicab Products.

rear seat
Three-wide rear passenger seating.

luggage space
Luggage space behind the rear seats.

front seats
The driver seat and front passenger seat.

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