Photo: Detail of Pearl, 57" X 72" acrylic on canvas by Lawrence Montgomery, 1984. Click here for more about the painting.

San Francisco

Cabspotting exhibit

The online Cabspotting project of the Exploratorium traces San Francisco's taxi cabs in real time as they travel throughout the Bay Area. The patterns traced by each cab create a living and always-changing map of city life. This map hints at economic, social, and cultural trends that are otherwise invisible. The Exploratorium has invited artists and researchers to use this information to reveal these "Invisible Dynamics."

Recent documents - See also the Taxi-Library Regulation page

Controller's reports

Ballot Measures 1978 - 2007

Taxi regulation in San Francisco was heavily influenced by a corporate meltdown in 1976 that led to a year of scarce taxi service and a controversial permit-trading deal in City Hall. See Taxis and SF Labor History for a brief summary of the crisis. In the wake of the crisis, a pair of competing taxi reform measures appeared on the ballot submitted to voters in 1978. Proposition K won with almost 51% of the vote. "Prop K" has shaped every aspect of the taxi business since that time.

The voters have been asked to revisit the issue numerous times since 1978. Propositions D in 1998 and A in 2007 won approval, while eight other propositions lost.

All the documents in this section are extracts from the ballot handbooks mailed to voters prior to the elections. They are in PDF format with file size under 1MB except as noted.

Chart showing the percentage of Yes votes for each measure

Chart showing the number of Yes votes for each measure

campaign flyer

Courtesy of Dennis Kiernan. See a larger version of this campaign ad.

campaign flyer

Courtesy of Dennis Kiernan. See a
larger version of this campaign ad.

political campaign poster

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