Winnipeg Cab History / 24: Cab Stands (2)
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The city hall cab stand about 1905. The city hall occupied a square block on Main Street between William Avenue (at left) and Market Avenue (at right). The cab is a landaulet and, like cabs in other pictures of the stand, it is parked at the back end. See Parking on the City Hall Stand for more about this practice.


[City Hall, circa 1905.] Archives Manitoba, Winnipeg Buildings Municipa l City Hall (1886) 39 (Negative N21211).

Winnipeg Cab History / 24

Cab Stands (2)

The aggravation was somewhat relieved in 1886 by a cab stand that was created on Main Street in front of Winnipeg's newly-built city hall. The expansion of the business district up main street made the city hall stand attractive to cab drivers and took some of the pressure off the Portage and Main location.

At the same time, the stand's location adjacent to a small public park meant that there were no complaints from aggrieved business owners.

Unlike many of the cab stands designated in the city cab stand bylaw, this one seems to have been quite successful in attracting cabs. There are several pictures of cabs parked on it over the years.


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