Winnipeg Cab History / 38: Railway Stations (3)
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The Main Street location contiued to expose the Countess to weather and vandalism. In 1977 she was removed to the Weston Shops for safekeeping. In 1993 she was moved to a permanent home at the Winnipeg Railway Museum in the Via Rail Canada station (formerly Union Station).

For more about the Countess, see


1910. Countess of Dufferin being moved to Sir William Whyte Park. Archives Manitoba, Foote 1023 (Negative N2623).

Winnipeg Cab History / 38

Railway Stations (3)

Here the yellow box shows a landau with its hoods down. It is parked in front of the train station and seems strangely out of place considering that all other vehicles are parked in lot to the right of the station or on the street. The answer may be that this is a cab occupying the number one cab stand position, conveniently accessible to any train passengers coming out of the station. Other photos of the CPR station show vehicles parked in the same spot.

If this is true, the "starter" will send a replacement up the driveway when the landau departs with a fare.

Apart from the landau, omnibuses in the picture outnumber cabs 9 to 2. This may mean that most incoming train passengers preferred omnibuses over cabs, but it could also mean that the omnibuses, unlike cabs, had nothing better to do than to hang around the railway station between trains.

Street cabs were licensed to pick up fares on the street. Livery cabs were also more likely than omnibuses to be called to residences for pickups.

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