Winnipeg Cab History / 42: Railway Stations (7)
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Above and below: Two views of Winnipeg's Union Station at 123 Main Street.


Top: Union Depot, Winnipeg, Man. Prairie Postcards PC001786_2 from Peel's Prairie Provinces (University of Alberta Libraries), Bottom: Union Station & Yards, Winnipeg, copyright 1913, Lyall Commercial Photo Co. Archives Manitoba, Winnipeg -- Railway Stations -- CNR 18 (Negative N10948).

Winnipeg Cab History / 42

Railway Stations (7)

These two photos of Winnipeg's union station show omnibuses parked at the station's front door on Main Street.

Unlike the CPR station, Union Station had no designated parking for cabs or omnibuses other than the public stand on Main Street.

The two photos seem to document the transition from horse to automobile. The top photo shows three horse-drawn omibuses sharing the stand with a motor bus.

In the bottom photo there are three motor buses to one horse bus.

Completed in 1913, the station served the Grand Trunk and Canadian Northern railways. The Canadian Northern and Grand Trunk were merged with other railways into the Canadian National Railway between 1918 and 1923.

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