Winnipeg Cab History / 53: Jitneys (5)
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A half-page ad in the 1917 Winnipeg telephone book for the Jitney Booking Office. Taxi companies all but abandoned Henderson's Directory as an advertising medium in favour of the telephone book. In retaliation Henderson's stopped listing taxi companies in its classified directory in 1936.


Manitoba Government Telephones, Official Telephone Directory, No. 29, July, 1917, Classified Business Directory p. 42.

Winnipeg Cab History / 53

Jitneys (5)

The second revolutionary impact of the jitneys was that they found a hitherto unexploited customer base that was willing to patronize taxis if the price was right. The jitneys gave these people an attractive transportation alternative and instilled in them a taste for motor travel.

The jitneys pioneered what came to be known as "shared ride" service in which groups of friends, workmates or strangers would split the cab fare. Essentially it was carpooling for profit.

We take this for granted now, but at the time fare splitting was a violation of 1918 cab bylaw which specified an initial fare of 25 cents per person.


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