Winnipeg Cab History / 59: George Moore (1)
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George Moore entered the taxi business in 1920 and dominated the Winnipeg taxi industry for most of his career. He retired in 1948 but the Moore's Taxi fleet remained Winnipeg's largest until it was absorbed into Unicity Taxi in 1972.


[George Moore's obituary], Winnipeg Tribune, July 4, 1961, p. 19.

Winnipeg Cab History / 59

George Moore (1)

The petition from Winnipeg's "old line" taxi companies asking city council to enforce the minimum cab fare got a lukewarm reception largely because of one man, George Moore. Moore was the largest cab operator in Winnipeg, but he had no sympathy for the old line companies and he was opposed to a minimum cab fare. The price-cutting war put his competitors exactly where he wanted them.

George Moore came to Winnipeg from Derry, Ireland, in 1912. By 1920 he owned a cut-rate cab business but it was as a supplier of coal and wood that he became a wealthy man. Eventually he also ran a bus line, a Packard car dealership and a trucking company in addition to Moore's Taxi.

It is a mystery why Moore stuck with the cab business and invested so much of his energy and attention to it. His other business ventures must have been much more lucrative.

The answer seems to be that the cab business presented him with intriguing challenges and exercised his ingenuity in ways that his other enterprises apparently did not.

Moore's cab business gave him wide scope for his formidable business acumen, his organizational skills, his talent for marketing and his shrewd understanding of customer needs and desires.

It also seems to have given him an outlet for his combative personality.

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