Winnipeg Cab History / 64: The Winnipeg Taxi War (4)
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Two 1935 photographs from C.P. Detloff's "Meandering Candid Camera" series. Left: "The candid camera scours Winnipeg to illustrate a single word Waiting." Right: "Minute interviews with various persons regarding Tuesday [March 5, 1935], the day of the big snow. Question 'Do you enjoy snow storms?'"


Left: C.P. Detloff, "Meandering Candid Camera", Winnipeg Tribune, February 20, 1935, p. 3. Right: March 6, 1935, p. 3.

Winnipeg Cab History / 64

The Winnipeg Taxi War (4)

Having failed to win George Moore over with a lowered minimum fare, council passed a third cab bylaw in January, 1933, this time trying to please the old line companies by increasing the zone fare to 50, 70 and 90 cents for the first three zones.

George Moore retaliated in force. He launched a series of newspaper ads that accused city council of putting cab drivers out of work by imposing exorbitant fares. He claimed that earlier bylaws had forced him to lay off 40 drivers and that this new bylaw would put an additional 54 Moore's drivers out of work.

One of Moore's drivers in "An Appeal to the Riding Public of Winnipeg" confirmed that Moore had indeed laid off 54 drivers, but blamed "vested authority" for this rather than Moore.

The abrupt mass layoff showed how ruthless Moore could be. It took place well before the impact of the new bylaw could be determined, so Moore was obviously using the job losses to blackmail city hall.


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