Winnipeg Cab History / 41: Railway Stations (6)
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Above and Below: Two photos of the CPR station and the Royal Alexandra Hotel, taken from the south side of Higgins Avenue.


Top: C.P.R. Royal Alexandra Hotel and Station, Winnipeg, Man., Canada (Valentine postcard no. 109023). University of Saskatchewan Archives, XXIX 102.55. Bottom: C.P.R. Depot, Winnipeg, Man. Published for Frank R. Morris by Bloom Brothers, Winnipeg, Man,"[1910-1930]". Prairie Postcard PC001239 from Peel's Prairie Provinces (University of Alberta Libraries),

Winnipeg Cab History / 41

Railway Stations (6)

These two photos were taken from the south side of Higgins Avenue, probably between 1910 and 1914. In the top photo the horse cab (yellow box) is outnumbered by automobiles which quite possibly are taxicabs.

The horse cab and a dray behind it are parked on the designated Higgins Avenue stand but the preferred parking spots were on the other side of the street, closer to the station and emerging train passengers. The horse cab may be waiting for an opportunity to move across the street.

The bottom photo shows the Countess of Dufferin in Sir William Whyte Park. The engine and tender were later moved to the fenced area on the north side of Higgins just above the streetcar. A car, presumably a taxicab, is parked opposite the station front entrance (yellow box). No other cabs or omnibuses are in view, suggesting that no trains are about to arrive.

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